Discovering a full-scale infestation of mice, fleas, or ants in the home is certain to be distressing. Often the minor pest problem can be solved with the right pest control kits or traps. But, for the more wide scale problems, a call to the local pest control expert is certain to be required.


Professional treatment

A full-scale infestation of termites is one area that is certain to benefit from professional treatment. If the floors, windowsills, or foundations are infested, a complete chemical treatment is required immediately. Using the services of the skilled and knowledgeable professional is the most-effective option. A pest control expert can investigate the home for signs of infestation and advice on the best course of action. A widespread outbreak of bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, bees, and wasps can also benefit from the expertise of the professionals.


Protected species

Calling on the experts is also important in the event of handling native or protected animal species. Certain wildlife has a capture and release rule in place. Protected animals, such as snakes, fruit bats, and possums, need to be captured and relocated to a safe place that is a distance from the original property. They cannot be killed or baited. A professional pest controller has the skill and knowledge to safely capture these protected species. Also, in some areas, it is illegal to attempt to catch and remove certain native animals.


One of the most common protected species to become a nuisance for urban households is the Ringtail and Brushtail possums. These possums are easily able to live in urban areas and like to set-up home in the roof space. Possums are nocturnal, so will cause a disturbance at night with noise, urinating, and leaving droppings. Flying foxes or fruit bats are a further pest that can cause a nuisance, especially in areas with a lot of trees. Don’t attempt to capture the bats since they can carry disease. Use the professionals to have them removed from the local area.


Also, native snakes like the Brown Snake, Tiger Snake, and Red-bellied Black Snake are protected and should be left to the professionals. The capture and release of these snacks is usually difficult and dangerous, since they are venomous. They are usually found in built-up or suburban areas. Other protected species include the native bees, which mean the hives causing problems will need to be carefully removed by the professional contractor.