A minor pest control problem is usually quick and cheap to solve using a do-it-yourself approach compared to calling on the services of the pest control experts. Here are several effective options to get rid of the unwanted intruders:


Pest control kits

If the early signs of pests are detected and a positive identification of the particular species is made, there are a variety of self use pesticides and kits available. From ant control methods, bombs for fleas, to surface sprays and fly sprays to many more control products for virtually any pest imaginable. Even for the most voracious pests, like termites, there is a choice of do-it-yourself control kits.


But, many of the treatment kits are likely to use toxic chemicals, so a careful and safe approach to treating the affected area is crucial. Apply the pest control solutions with caution and wear gloves. Also, make certain to ready the warnings and guidelines noted on the back of the bottle or packaging.


Rodent traps

If the noise of rodents (mice or rats) is noticed in the wall spaces or cupboards, there are several special types of traps to help. Modern rodent traps are child and pet-friendly, and can even capture the mice without killing. Alternatively, to kill the mice or rates, an enclosed trap is the preferred option since this negates a need to touch or come into contact with the captured pest. For outdoor use or confined spaces inside the home, there are also several poison-based options to remove these pests from the home. Because of the toxic nature of many of these products, they should be used with caution to avoid harm to human and pets.



The most-effective cause of action to avoid issues with insects and pests is to put the proper preventive measure in place. A clean and tidy home is less attractive to flies, rodents, cockroaches, and ants. Keep the kitchen clean with work surfaces disinfected regularly and food stored in sealed containers. Outside the home, make sure no stagnant or standing water is left in place. This is certain to attract mosquitoes. Also, for the same reason, keep the gutter system clean and dirt and debris-free.


Inspect the walls, floors, or skirting boards for signs of holes or gaps. A gap in the external wall is one of the most common entry points for the insects and pests to enter the home. Also, avoid leaving garbage bags out in the open.