Unwanted pests in the home or on business premises can range from birds, rodents, to insects. There are several methods available to control these wide-ranging pest problems.


A simple approach to deter pest problems is to make sure the living space is kept well-maintained and clean. A home and garden kept free of rubbish, dirt, and debris means there is less space to live and breed, as well as finding a regular source of food. So practicing good hygiene means a home is less likely to experience issues with pests and insects.


Use poisons and baits

Even for the well-kept home, there is still the possibility of experiencing issues with the nesting pests. They usually source food elsewhere. An effective strategy is to use chemical-based poisons. However, when laying the poisons and baits in the home and garden, make sure to take a cautious and safe approach. Avoid contaminating areas of the home by safety keeping poisoned bait out of reach of children or pets.



An infestation of cockroaches can soon spread disease by carrying harmful organisms and bacteria from unsanitary sources, such as sewers. This is transported to utensils, work surfaces, and food. Cockroaches in a business environment are certain to result in poor hygiene and a bad reputation. They can also infect food sources as a result of discarded egg cases, dead casts, droppings, and dead bodies. There are several methods to control cockroaches, including meshing (cover potential entry points), surface dusting, and bait traps.



A termite-ridden home is certain to be a concern for the property owner, and immediate action is usually advised. However, termites aren’t the only pest to cause problems to the timber in the home. Other timber pests include wood decay fungi and borers. An expert pest controller is needed to complete the difficult work of destroying the colony with high-strength insecticides. A bait trap or feeding station with slow acting toxins or insect hormones is the more least-toxic option to eliminate these pests.


Methods of pest control

Hiring the services of a reputable pest control expert is crucial in the process of getting rid of the more persistent business or home pests. A certified exterminator has the tools and know-how to remove the wide-ranging pests and insects that can infest the premises. Alternatively, the DIY approach to pest control can offer a variety of effective options. For instance, traps are great against possums (non-lethal) and mice (lethal), while naturally based pesticides or biological controls (cats for catching mice) are safer for the family home.