Dandenong Pest Control - Wasps

European wasps are a pest because they are far more aggressive than native wasps. Lack of predators and warmer weather conditions mean that the European wasp is an increasing problem in Australia. This insect likes to live around humans because of the ready supply of food and drink, particularly of the sweet varieties.

Different Species of Wasps and Bees

Papernest Wasps

Paper wasps can deliver painful stings, but are not as aggressive as European Wasps. They normally only attack humans if their nest is disturbed. If stings are multiple, a more severe systemic reaction may occur. Paper wasps are found throughout Australia and live in urban areas, forests and woodlands.

European Wasps

European wasps are more aggressive than bees and will attack when their nests are disturbed. Unlike bees, each wasp is capable of stinging multiple times. In some cases, wasp stings can cause an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).

These wasps are found in large communal nests, normally only visible as a small entrance hole. They are normally built either underground or in cavities in walls, ceilings, logs or trees. The nests are made from chewed wood fibre and can be found in ceilings, wall cavities, logs, tree trunks and soil.