From cockroaches and ants to mice and rats, there are many common pests that enter the home to seek food sources and warmth during the cold winter months. Here are some of the common pest problems to discover in the home:



An outbreak of termites can cause significant damage. These voracious pests have an appearance that resembles an ant with soft, pale bodies. Many have the ability to fly. Termites attack wood throughout the home, often entering unnoticed. An early sign of termites infesting the home is seen by inspecting the windowsill, floorboards, or foundation of the property. A severally damage floorboard will start to become weak and if broken apart will reveal miniature tunnels. Use the pest control experts to fully treat any affected areas of the home.



Mice and rats infest the home when it is cold outside. Once in the home, rodents nest in the cupboards, wall and roof spaces, and attempt to find a source of food in the kitchen or similar areas. They are often noticed in the home due to scratch noises and rummaging in the walls or roof space. Overtime, the mice and rodents can cause damage to the electrical wiring, plaster, and skirting boards. Rodents can have a negative impact on human heath because they carry diseases. They are likely to breed up to ten times per year, and most active later in the day.


Rats are the largest rodent and usually very dark in colour, while a house mice is the smallest pest, and dark grey in colour. Also, the field mice are slightly larger and sandy in colour. Because of the difficulty of getting to rodents living in wall or roof spaces, a professional pest controller is usually needed to remove them from the home.


Ant, silverfish and cockroaches

A colony of ants is extremely organised and can easily invade the home. Ants quickly set-up home in moist areas of the home and begin scavenging for food sources in no time. An infestation of cockroaches is difficult to detect. They often nest in cracks behind door frames, water heaters, or sinks, behind heavy furniture, and in wall spaces. Cockroaches are most active at night and will contaminate any utensils or food sources touched. Silverfish prefer to live in bookcases, drawers and closets. They are destructive to book bindings, paper, clothing, and linen, leaving behind minute holes.