Most spiders are nocturnal. They are hardly seen during the day unless they are disturbed from their natural environment. When light fades spiders become active. They leave the protection of their burrows or shelters and go out in search of food or in the case of web spinning. Spiders construct their webs to snare prey. As day breaks most spiders seek the safety of their shelters again.

Cannibalism is well established among spiders, it is more frequent for spiders to kill each other when food is scarce.

Human health threat: There have been no human deaths caused by spiders since effective antivenom has been available for the red back and funnel web spiders. Many spider bites can still cause painful reactions such as; headaches, nausea, localized blistering and skin ulcerations.

Webs are considered unsightly and spiders are know for being scary, especially large ones like the huntsmen. With an annual spider treatment, Dandenong Pest Control can certainly help reduce this problem around your home. Treatments are best carried out in the warmer months when spiders are most active.