The honeybee is a social insect that lives in a hive. The Hive maintains a temperature of 33.9 degrees and is constructed of honeycomb converted by the collection of nectar, pollen, water and secret wax. The honeybee is a great insect for the environment and with its pollination skills it makes our gardens bloom.

By early summer the hive can have between 15,000 and 80,000 workers and the queen is able to lay 1500 eggs a day. With the build-up of numbers in a hive a new queen will take flight with the excess workers to form a swarm looking for a new hive site. This normally occurs late in spring. Swarms can be a nuisance and a real danger if provoked. Many Australians suffer systemic allergic reactions to bee stings. You may not know you are allergic to bees until the unfortunate incident has occurred.